1. Anti Insect.

Alat yang sangat efektif menjaga binatang seperti semut, kecoa masuk ke rumah atau kantor Anda.


Fibre: Polypropylene
Support: Soft Polypropylene
Adhessive: Acrylic composition
Elemen Aktif: Permethrin

Menggunakan Teknology Nano Kapsul yang dapat memerangi serangga dengan efektif dan pemasangannya tidak mengganggu perabot maupun assessori di rumah atau kantor Anda.

It is used Nano Capsules technology in order to combat insect and it can recover balance for slot by  carpet.
Insect-prevention active element prove effect to 730 days.
High compatibleness for demands such as “draught prevention”, “pollen, dust prevention”, “noise reducing”

2. DoorFoot

Terbuat dari karet lembut yang tidak akan merusak perabot apapun di rumah atau kantor. Silky carpet does not cratch on the foundation of a house and recover balance for distorted slit. Fibre is endurable and high re-form to fill up door foot with pile yarns without damaging doors struture and/ or foundation of house.
To prevnet dust, insect, litter, to stop draught and light through interstice.

3. Slot Fit

Fibre: Polypropylene – Brown Color
Support:  Soft Polypropylen
Adhessive: Acrylic component

To make hermetic slit of doors, doors and door frame and make good door`s slit and distorted doors.
To prevent insect, water, dust and wind, reduce noisy cause closing and opening of cabinet, doors.
To reduce exchanging air, save energy, because it can cut down lossed cold air, in air conditionor room.
Flexibly using for many places.
High durability, to stand water, hot sunshine.
Multi-using and aestheticism for interior design.